Authentic Movement was originally part of Dance Movement Psychotherapy. It is a practice towards well-being and creativity through embodiment, meditation and self-expression.

Simple in form it is a fine and subtle study of ones body in movement, stillness, imagination and feeling, in times of health and in times of

disease. It is known to help with tensions and stress-related illnesses, unexplained and chronic pain and fatigue, anxiety and postural problems.

Addressing both the emotional and the subtle energetic body the Discipline of Authentic Movement, as founded by Janet Adler, always starts with and accepts the whole person as they are. This is an important corner stone and people who experience Authentic Movement often report the relief felt when they find they have not to perform or conform in any way. They can just be themselves.

With practice participants learn to become experts of their own experiences in movement and able to articulate their diverse experiences. Non-judgmental exchanges between mover and teacher / witness promote new insights and embodied expressions, releases and sources of new inspiration for living.

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